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“Bare Soul”, a poetry collection by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is now available on all major online stores worldwide.

“Bare Soul” is the fourth poetry collection of award winning poet, writer, actor and filmmaker Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

“Bare Soul. Whose soul? Ever since Leaves of Grass first appeared in 1855, we find Walt Whitman simultaneously falsely imitated and truly manifesting in America. Who would have thought that his latest local incarnation would be in the body and the soul of an exceptional woman born in Gaya, Bihar, India, where the Buddha experienced Enlightenment? Yet here he is: “It’s now time for me to empty my soul, / roll into the abundance of silences, / to hear my voice.” Kalpna Singh-Chitnis’s Bare Soul is a rapturous Song of Herself erupting in a time/space…” – Jack Foley, Poet, Critic, Author of Visions & Affiliations: California Poetry, 1940 to 2005 and EYES: Selected Poems – (USA).

“These are the verses not only of a major poet, but of a true humanitarian in an era when core human values no longer seem common. Above all, this is a book of love.” ~ Critically-acclaimed author of “An Alabaster Flask,” “Sonnets from the Dark Lady,” and the bestselling epic, “The Lalaurie Horror”. Jennifer Reeser (USA).

“Kalpna Singh-Chitnis’ poetry is ladened with original thoughts, spontaneity of expression and sublimity. Her poetic myth and philosophy are self-created and universal to the core. ~ Naseer Ahmed Nasir.  ~ Nobel Prize Nominee poet and critic Naseer Ahmaed Nasir (Pakistan).

“Kalpna, in her collection of verses brings to you her “Bare Soul,” which you soon discover is not only her story but, the story of you, the reader.” ~ Award-winning American author of “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat” and other bestsellers John Harricharan – (USA).

“ Kalpna bares all in her book “Bare Soul”. This poetry collection is undoubtedly the language of the soul. Kalpna writes with heart and soul, her essence, poured out onto a page, is untouched by any other force. She writes with the presence of ancient poets such as Rumi, Hafiz and Khayyám. Her soul is ancient and yet her incarnation is contemporary. Her poetry transcends the boundaries of literary analysis, soaring above the need to categorize or dissect or label with names as much of English literature is approached.”~ Poet and Author of  “The Golden Thread Book” Amata Natasha Goldie (Australia).

“Kalpna’s poetry is a saga of struggle – between two parts of the dual principle of male-female creation as one. It is the first ever attempt in English to understand, debate and resolve this issue in poetry.” ~ Poet and critic Dr. Satyapal Anand (USA/India).

“This wonderful soulful poetry sparkles like the poet herself, expressing a profound intensity of feeling, empathy and wisdom. Kalpna’s poems enchant through her being to explode like fire in depth leaving you wanting more of her insight to bathe your soul. Capture the experienced journey of sufferings melted with love in the mature verses of wisdom in clarity straight from the heart. I highly recommend that limitless gem “bare soul” it will transfer you to the world of the sweet favorable unknown in abundance.” ~ Ghadeer Soudani Poet and Author of Clinch the Moon (USA).

“Her poetry flows like a river which knows instinctively, when to change course, for flow it must. Nothing can be attained by remaining scattered, one has to gather oneself with courage, and there is no other option. Having lived across continents, she draws her metaphors and symbols from the country of her origin and ones she has traveled to and settled in. Her language has no ambiguity, thoughts flow with great clarity, sometimes with amazing serenity. I feel herein lies the strength and appeal of her work. I have no doubt it will withstand the test of time. She creates a real world, made in and out of language.” ~ Writer, Poet and Critic Mamta Agarwal ~ (India).

“Bare Soul” by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is by far the most extraordinary dramatic love poetry collection I’ve ever read.” ~ Poet and Artist Tamara Galiulina – (Russia).

“To me, Kalpna’s poetry is emerging from the huge waves of ocean after which a readers are chasing to trace voice of that unspoken song surrounding the whole universe. ~ Urdu Poet and Novelist Khursheed Hayat – (India).

“Kalpna’s poems are like an elixir of love to comfort the longing heart. The allure of colorful imagery sweeps through the core to dance on the canvas of artistic creation without fear and takes the poems to a new heights. The passionate embrace of worldly wisdom and sophistication melts the ice into liquid magic. Bare Soul is an illustration of self discovery, and a treasure trove of creative expression. I’m in awe and admiration of these poems from a place that is so deep and where fear does not exist.” ~ Poet and Fashion Designer Athina Mekouris – (Australia).


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2 thoughts on “Bare Soul

  1. Congratulations Kalpna. I am so proud of being a part of this amazing, honest and beautiful collection- Bare soul.
    It takes courage to bare one’s soul. I had felt like this when my first anthology- Rhythms of life – was released in 2008.

    I would recommend this collection to every one who’s interested in poetry, life, complexities, how to navigate through life. A great authentic, poetic performance.

    Warm Regards
    Mamta Agarwal

  2. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis transcendental exploration of human divinity bares its soul. She exquisitely expresses the very depths of spiritual connection resonating with our hearts in pure ecstasy.

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