Milky Way though Aspen Trees


Invaders descend from the heavens like angels
and I give all,
but they don’t stop coming,
I often have restless nights…

Looking at the stars behind the tall trees,
I sleep in the wreck of the day,
and something falls from my eyes,
shattering on the floor, like marbles.

I get up, and feel tempted to walk
on the broken pieces…
I want to dance, in solemn darkness,
on the tune of an unbearable pain…

My heart beats,
and my feet bleed as I begin…

Weighing the sky all night
with my arms up,
who do I summon?
What do I desire?

I don’t know…
I don’t want to know!

© Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
(A poem from “Bare Soul”)