Resistance is an Art, Not Politics: Oscars 2017

By Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-12-03-04-amI tried to talk myself out of writing this note past midnight, but could not sleep. So, here it is. Today is a big day in Hollywood. The entertainment industry is gathering to celebrate the art of cinema at the 2017 Oscars. But I’m not here to make any predictions about who is going to win or lose. I just want to talk about the anguish of art and entertainment industry over the current political situation in America.

When people criticize Hollywood and Broadway for being political, they forget one thing, that our industry is just like any other industry, (it’s not only entertainment). In entertainment industry real people work, (they are not fictional characters), and they work very hard, same as others do in their industries. So, when the Hollywood stars speak their mind and address their concerns before their audiences, let’s not forget that they also have the right to their opinions on things that matter to them; same as our politicians or anyone else has their agendas and opinions, that they like to address to their voters and audiences. There is nothing obnoxious about the actors wanting to address their concerns in their allotted time on a platform where they can be heard and make an impact. There is nothing wrong in standing up for what they believe in, and also speaking for them, who do not have a voice or cannot speak for themselves.

Those who do not want to see actors, directors and producers making political statements, have every right not to buy the tickets of their movies and shows; just like the majority of Hollywood is never going to support the politicians trying to censor the press and media, control freedom of speech and ignore human rights issues.

I’ll return to elaborate more. In the meantime, I just want to answer one question, that many people are asking – “Is 2017 Oscars going to be political?” And the answer is – “You bet. Resistance is an art, not politics.”

~ Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

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