Mohanlal Mhto Viyogi“In fogged albums of our memories, there are many pictures, that bring luminosity to life. After reading Kalpna’s “Chand Ka Paivand” (Patch of Moon) with much interest, I want to say that her poems in it have brought the very same light to her as a poet. The selection and coordination of words in her poems are fascinating, and it points only towards the gentle nature of the poet. My blessings and best wishes to her from my heart.” ~ Mohanlal Mahto Viyogi – Legendary Hindi writer, Novelist and Poet (1899-1990) India.


Janaki Wallbha Shastri“I was astounded after reading the very first verse of “Nishant” (The Dawn). Regardless of my interest, I’m not prejudiced and do not want to sharpen my skill as a critic by calling a work of beauty and brilliance vile and distasteful.” ~ Janaki Wallabha Shashtri, Hindi Writer, Novelist, Poet and Critic, honored with Rajendra Shikhar Award, Bharat Bharti Award, Shiv Poojan Sahay Award and other (1916-2011) India.


“Dear Kalpna, I’m really thankful for your outlook towards life and love, this world needs beautiful souls like yours.” ~ Amrita Preetam, honored with Jnanpith Award, Sahitya Academy Award, Vaptsarov Award and Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, Punjabi Indian Poet and Author, India.


“Kalpna in her poems searches for a destination not made of dust and concrete, instead, what manifests into the layers of our existence, and shines through it; yet unseen and unknown.” ~ Dr. Wazir Agha, Urdu Poet, Author and Critic, honored with Sitare Imtiaz and nominated for Nobel prize in literature, Pakistan.


Harivansh_Rai_Bachchan“Priya Shree Kalpna Singh, I’m very happy to learn that inspired by my book Madhushala, you have written some Rubaiyats. If interested, please also read “Madhubala”,“Madhukalash” and the volumes of Sopan”, you may like them. I’m sending my best wishes to you for a magnificent literary journey in your life.” ~ Harivanshrai Bachchan, Hindi Poet, honored with Sahitya Academy and Sovietland Nehru Award, (1907-2003) India.


14_Shahryar_924115e“Whereas modern Hindi poetry seems to be much influenced by political ideologies, after reading Kalpna’s poems in “Nishant” (The Dawn) I have realized that her poems are much different from what is being written in Hindi literature today. Kalpna’s poems are in search for things in deeper layers of life, in a realm of unknown, and point towards the absence of those conditions in life that are important, and a sadness that rises from it. In her poems she seeks truth, the core values of life and standards on her journey in continuation.” ~ Shaharyar, Urdu Poet and Scholar, honored with Jnanpith Award and Sahitya Academy Award, (1936-2012) India.


“What I like most about Kalpna and her poems is her ability to understand sufferings. Her language is simple, but emotions are very deep.” (In “Tafteesh Jari Hai”- “The Investigation Continues” 1992 and other) ~ Gulzar, Poet, Author, Lyricist and Filmmaker, honored with Sahitya Academy, Oscar and Grammy, India.


surendra-choudhary“If the poems of “Chand Ka Paivand” were going to be mere statements like the several examples we find in contemporary literature, perhaps I would never have been interested in reviewing them. Even when the poet reveals her inner world, she maintains a strong relationship with the world outside, pointing towards the fact that in modern Indian society, women are passing through a very important phase. So, if that has reflected in these poems, it has only served an important purpose of historical significance.” ~ Dr. Surendra Chaudhray, Hindi Critic, India.


Naseer Ahmed Nasir“Kalpna writes the truthfulness of emotions influenced by an intuitive whiz with creative piquancy and true prerequisites of poetry from inner self. Her poetry is like mystic figures drawn on fogged window panes with fingers that readers whilst reading enter into a never ending world of perception and touch of feelings. After reading Kalpna’s poetry, it is apparent that her creative being will keep on gaining immortality from fire of herself nurturing creativity like the Phoenix.” ~ Naseer Ahmed Nasir, Urdu Poet and writer, nominated for Nobel prize, Pakistan.



“Kalpna’s poems has a personal touch, that is disappearing from the modern contemporary poetry. There is a restlessness inside her that is a key to the growth of a young poet.” (In “Tafteesh Jari Hai”- “The Investigation Continues” 1992) ~ Kedarnath Singh, Poet, Author and Critic, honored with Jnanpith Award, Sahitya Academy award, India.


“Just when my mind thinks that the penultimate peak of poetry has been reached by magical, mystical Kalpna, out pours another gem to quash the last summit and rise to an even braver new height. I am in awe of her soul that sings these divine songs.” ~ Amata Natasha Goldie,
Author, Poet and Artist, Australia.



“Only a poet of Kalpna’s caliber could make words sing and dance or weep and mourn all at the same time.” ~ John Harricharan. Award winning author of “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”, USA.



“While listening to your voice, I look into your eyes; Kalpna, you are an ocean I can never touch the bottom, taste the fulness of your water, endless is your variety in expression in the paradox, which can be understood only with the soul.”~ Ingrid Henzler, German Author and Poet, Italy.



“Kalpna reminds us of Rumi in a most wonderful, Kalpna sort of way!” ~ Heather O’Hara, Author, Poet and Publisher, USA.



“Touched by the Devil is a classic invocation of the mysterious unity of the many ways of love in the vulnerable personal human spirit and it’s calling to the universal, a living strand in the ancient thread of Sufi and Indian mysticism and how self realization and the dissolving of the self meet in a moment like the ecstasy of love.” ~ George Jisho Robertson. Author and Poet, UK.


“Kalpna is pure intoxication in her poetic expressions, In Ecstasy, the Devil may touch, what he will never possess.”~ Athina Merkouris, Poet, editor and Fashion Designer. Australia.



“Poems of Kalpna remind me of the mystics and the Sufis… The ecstasy and ‘Junoon’ of Rumi, which he must have felt as he sang and whirled. Her passion and desire is not for a mortal, it is to be one with the Creator. Beautiful poems in hauntingly beautiful voice.” ~ Akhtar Islam, Business professional and Editor,  India.


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